Fire in the sky

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Carl + Amanda : In Love

These two kids are madly in love and its been that way since the day they met almost two years ago. Their crazy and fun personalities fit perfectly together creating a one of a kind relationship. It makes me so happy to be able to capture that kind of love. Big smiles, bigger personalities and even bigger hearts!

Amanda and Carl-137

Amanda and Carl-061

Amanda and Carl-079

Amanda and Carl-071

Amanda and Carl-034

Amanda and Carl-077-2

Amanda and Carl-186

Amanda and Carl-147

Amanda and Carl-134

Amanda and Carl-151

Amanda and Carl-204

Amanda and Carl-243

Amanda and Carl-236

Amanda and Carl-215

Amanda and Carl-230

Amanda and Carl-238

Amanda and Carl-240

Amanda and Carl-249

Amanda and Carl-278

Amanda and Carl-191

Amanda and Carl-285

Amanda and Carl-311

Amanda and Carl-324

Amanda and Carl-329

Amanda and Carl-331

Amanda and Carl-342

Amanda and Carl-375

Amanda and Carl-386

BORNNOMADIC Jewelry : Ryan Nicole Meehan

Last week I had the pleasure of hanging out with my good friend Ryan while she finished hand crafting her first jewelry collection. She is a wonderful artist and her talents never cease to amaze me!

Here are a few words Ryan had to say about the inspiration behind her company BORNNOMADIC:

“As a child I moved around a handful of times. I mean, I wasn’t a military brat but I moved around enough times to recognize that you don’t always fit in when you’re the “new kid”. That’s where it all started… When I was 19 I moved out to Las Vegas for almost a full year, and while I was out there I gained an itch to travel. However, it wasn’t just an itch to travel, it was an itch to be able to take off whenever, and wherever. After a friend and I took a road trip up the west coast starting from Las Vegas to Santa Cruz to Arcata and then all the way up to Portland & Seattle, then back through Tahoe to get home,  I decided I never wanted to be stuck in one place for too long. Through that 2 Week long trip up the West Coast, I knew that I wanted to move around a lot. I felt as though moving around was nothing new to me, like I had been designed to do so since I was a young child. It took me a while to realize this but after I did it all made sense! I was born into a way of living where it was easy for me to move around.  I was okay with picking up and leaving. I was okay with making new friends and exploring new places because I had been taught to do so my whole life.

As I continue carrying aspects of my childhood into my adulthood, I have found that being in nature, mountains especially, is what I enjoy most in life. Mountains have always brought me great pleasure whether I am hiking through ravines in the summer, finding natural swimming holes or snowboarding down them during winter. I get along very well with other nature enthusiasts, and they tend to carry on the same nomadic lifestyle. This is exactly why I try to pull aspects out of nature to put into my designs. All of my greatest memories entail of adventures to hot springs and natural swimming holes, as well as camping and road trips with friends and family. Often when I meditatively float through the water within these areas, I repeat over and over to myself

Ryan Jewelry-019web

Ryan Jewelry-031web

Ryan Jewelry-033web

Ryan Jewelry-021web

Ryan Jewelry-002web

Ryan Jewelry-039web

Ryan Jewelry-045web

Ryan Jewelry-049web

Ryan Jewelry-056web

Ryan Jewelry-065web

Ryan Jewelry-068web

The Arrow Collection:

Ryan Jewelry-007-2

Ryan Jewelry-083-2web

Ryan Jewelry-027web

Ryan Jewelry-028web

Ryan Jewelry-091-2web

Ryan Jewelry-099-2web

Ryan Jewelry-052-2web